The media library is where you’ll find the media you’ve downloaded, upload new ones, edit and sort it all out. Here’s how to do it:

    Log in to your site

    If you’re not already logged in, log in to your site here. And go to your site front.

    Go to your Admin page

    Click on Media

    Learn all about it

    Let’s crack it one by one here:

    • The first icon to your left is the file icon, once you click on it you’ll be able to view all the media you have, create a new folder/collection (by clicking on “Create New”), order by size or date, filter by month or year, or by the user who uploaded it.
    • Second icon is to view your media in a list.
    • Third icon is the grid icon, you can use it to view your media in grid.
    • The last icon is for searching your media library, just type in the name of the media and it’ll pop up.
    • First icon to your left will show all the media in your library.
    • Second icon would only show the photos.
    • Third icon will show the videos only.
    • Fourth icon is for showing only the sound clips.
    • The last icon would view only documents in your library.
    • Wanna upload a new media? click on Upload at the top right, then you can drop items or select them.

    Now that you’ve figured out how to manage the media library, here’s how to edit it:

    1. Choose the the media you want to edit from your library.
    2. Click on “Edit Image”
    3. Now you have a simple photo editor that you can use so easily to edit your media, all in the same place!
    4. Save your artwork and you’re good to go!
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